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28 November 2006 @ 12:24 am
I was just listening to The Lounge Mix of the Fly where Bono changes the wwords so that it is from a man who left his family, can't remember why, and, although he will not take steps to alter it, is tormented by the regret. Which is also the theme of Dirty Day, and several other songs. If God Will Send His Angels comes to mind. This theme of the dark side of love, of abandonment by those one is supposed to be able to trust implicitly is recurring, and Into the Heart implies that this is because of Bono's own gyspy-like kifestyle despite having children of his own that he loves very much but is often away from. It also follows that for the more sad sob stories among U2 fans he has also become much like a father to them. What do you think are his most fatherly songs to you?
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02 September 2006 @ 06:03 pm
Two lyrics that have been knocing around in my head lately both use the image of of scream.

Firstly from So Cruel "Love, like a screaming flower...". I was thinking about this and what struck me was the juxtaposition of images here. Desperation, anger, frustration as suggested by the scream, contrasted with the deliacte image of the flower. It's a really strong image that i love the idea of, i think it's suggestive of something, or indeed someone, which can appear silent, docile and passive, but which turns out to be raging.

Secondly from A Sort Of Homecoming "No spoken words, just a scream". This image, to me, says suggests a point where words are no longer a sufficient way of expressing feelings, that a scream could say more than words ever could. And i have to say i've felt like this at times.

Wanted to share this. Any thoughts?
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08 August 2006 @ 12:54 am
Love is drowning in a deep well, all the secrets and no one to tell. _ "Love Is Blindness"

See, I like this guy. It's just a crush. Too shy to speak up at all. Haven't had but one conversation with him. *shrugs* Well, that's what's on me mind.
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28 July 2006 @ 05:37 pm
"I don't know, I don't know which side I'm on.
Idon't know my right from left, or my right from wrong"
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12 July 2006 @ 01:50 pm
Hey all!

What U2 song/lyric do you think you have the most Emotional attachment too? 

For me it would have to be " One", " Electrical Storm.." and " MLK.." 

I could go on.. but those songs were the first to come to my mind ;-)

I don't know why I am " emotionally attached"  but when ever I hear these songs I feel like I can relate to them or I feel something familiar..

Current Location: My room! Eating lasagna..
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03 July 2006 @ 08:13 pm
Hey guys. I was thinking about this the other day...what are your favorite lyrics from each U2 album? It's definitely tough, but I managed to narrow it down. I have way too much time on my hands.

"Red, running red
Play for real
The toy could feel
A hole in your head
You go in shock
Youre spoon-fed"

( The Electric Co, Boy)

"Oh Lord, if I had anything, anything at all, I'd give it to you"

 (Gloria, October)

"I waited patiently for the Lord....He lifted me up out of the pit, out of the mud and clay"   ("40," War)

"As the earth moves beneath your own dream landscape" (A Sort of Homecoming, The Unforgettable Fire)

"Night hangs like a prisoner stretched over black and blue" (Mothers of the Diappeared, The Joshua Tree)

"Like a rhythm unbroken, like drums in the night" (Hawkmoon 269, Rattle and Hum)

"Waves of regret. Waves of joy. I reached out to the one I tried to destroy" (UTEOTW, Achtung Baby)

"Stay with the demons you drowned" (Stay, Zooropa)

"Afraid of what you'll find if you take a look inside"  (Staring at the Sun, Pop)

"A little girl with Spanish eyes. When I saw her in a pram they pushed her by" (In a Little While, ATYCLB)

"Blessings not just for the ones who kneel luckily" (City of Blinding Lights, HTDAAB)
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16 June 2006 @ 04:21 pm
... and now i'm finally gonna. This could get waffly, so bear with me.

"..Come on now, show your soul.."

This line in Original of the species hads been on my mind for a while now. I was listening to the song one day and it just really struck me. It's such a beautiful lyric and it really spoke to me. My interpretation of it is that we shouldn't hide who we are or what we are; that showing your soul means sharing what's inside of you, and not keeping your feelings in. The soul is the most beautiful part of who we are, it should come across in everything we do.
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16 June 2006 @ 12:53 am
I really don't mind sleeping on the floor, but I found to sleep hard after what I saw... I wish you were here.
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06 June 2006 @ 01:11 am
"Oh You Look So Beautiful Tonight!!" and "It was A Beautiful DAy!"

Watching a youtube vid of the concert I attended! WOOOO!
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30 May 2006 @ 12:13 am
You asked me to enter, but then you make me crawl. And I can't keep holding on to what you've got, when all you've got is hurt.

U2, "One"
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